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Jim Kurtz is connecting people internationally

杰姆库茨  Ke Jie Ming 杰明 与世界性的客户开展联系。

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                        USA                      China                       Turkey                    Germany                        Australia                        Mexico

Manufacturing  制造业

bullet Education  教育业
bullet International Trade  国际贸易
bullet Arts and Culture  艺术文化
bulletChina partnerships & co-operation  与中国的合作伙伴关系
bulletFormerly reported to Chicago Federal Reserve Bank  曾经上报芝加哥联邦储备局。
bulletNominated for a Washington DC Federal Reserve position  被提名在华盛顿联邦储备局任职。
bulletMember of Center For Strategic and International Studies  战略与国际学习中心成员。
bullet Member of The Chicago Council On Global Affairs

Contact Information:  联系方式:

    262-691-2817 Home  414-630-2857 Cell Phone

    Direct eMail  scrspllt@execpc.com

N34 W23344 Hunters Ct. Apt. 205
Pewaukee, Wisconsin 53072 USA

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