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From:  Wayne and Judy Roller

Subject: Turkey trip - April, 2007

June 6, 2007

In April 2007, we were invited by Jim Kurtz to join him and five other people from the United States on an 11-day trip to Turkey. Everything about the trip was wonderful, and we thank Jim for all his planning and attention to detail that made the trip such a success. The many flights were arranged well, we were met by very competent guides/interpreters who helped us through every phase of the trip, the accommodations and food were very good, and the itinerary provided us with many interesting experiences. We did things and went places beyond the regular tourist venues--dinner in people's homes followed by sharing of US and Turkish culture, visits to out-of-the-way restaurants and ancient sites, and many opportunities to learn about the history, religion, and education of Turkey. Turkey is a beautiful country, the people are friendly and open, and we felt safe and welcome wherever we went. The trip was an experience to treasure and to share through our photos, souvenirs, and memories. Our thanks to Jim Kurtz and to all the Turkish people in the United States and Turkey who made our trip so memorable!  

Wayne and Judy Roller