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bulletGlobal partnerships & co-operation
bulletPresident of The Group Inc.
bulletFormerly reported to Chicago Federal Reserve Bank*
bulletMember of Center For Strategic and International Studies
bullet Member of The Chicago Council On Global Affairs
bulletPartnerships with the Arts
bulletBusiness owner   Screen Specialists Ltd

Jim had reported anecdotal information to the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank for four years because of his extensive network of people and businesses. His area of responsibility was to report on manufacturing, employment, and general economic conditions for the entire Southern Wisconsin region.*

Jim had been nominated to report anecdotal information to the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington D.C.

He is also a member of the Center For Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C. (for information only).

Jim was on the Governor's council for manufacturing, and worked with the Governor's office and the Department of Commerce to encourage the development of tax credits for Research and Development in Wisconsin.

He spent three years at the Medical College of Wisconsin on a board for patient safety in clinical research working on levels of risk, conflict of interest concerns, and looking at uniform bioethics testing for researchers and is certified by the National Institutes of Health.

Jim is also currently a member of The Chicago Council On Global Affairs, a former member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and of the Midwest US/China Association in Chicago.

He serves as President of an international organization called "The Group, Inc."

Jim traveled in China during January 2003, representing himself and indirectly the State of Wisconsin. He continues to maintain contact with his friends in China to form a better understanding of global markets and cooperation between China and American businesses to help develop a win-win situation for all involved. He returned to China in January 2006 to help encourage the development of a school in Nanchang, was guest speaker at Beijing Institute of Technology, and developed new connections in education and manufacturing. He returned to China for the month of September 2007,  the month of April 2008, April and May 2009, September/October 2010, and again September/October 2011.

April 2006 Jim returned from Turkey where he is developing business relationships and gave several talks to business, engineering, and economics groups. Additional trips to Turkey in March and July 2007, and Stuttgart Germany July 2007.

Formerly chairman of the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce "Legislative Updates".

Jim was co-chair of the board for the student science and engineering fair, focusing on encouraging studies in math, science, physics, bioscience, computers, etc., at Wisconsin Career Academy, a charter high school.

He gives talks about the realignment of global manufacturing markets, innovation, creativity, the importance of education, math, science, engineering, and communication, as we compete in the global arena .

In addition up to the summer of 2011, Jim ran a screen printing business, working with identification applications on alarms and controls for nursing homes and hospitals, as well as other painted metal items.   (Screen Specialists, Ltd.)

* Jim reported to the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank about his observations, based anecdotal information received from a combination of many people and organizations. He does not represent or speak on behalf of, nor is he employed by the Bank and is not involved in the research department in the preparation of the "Beige Book". Jim's information was used by the research department internally, where it was used in the preparation of the "Beige Book" and for other purposes.