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China September / October 2010

Good Luck, Good Fortune



City of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

Lunch with good friends:
From left to right (center)

Kong Jiong (Tony) 
Vice-Director of the Nanchang People’s Congress
Jiangxi Province
Jim Kurtz (Ke Jieming) 
President of The Group, Inc.
Wisconsin, USA
Zhu Xing He (Michael)
CEO of the Jiangxi Heng Da Group
Nanchang Jiangxi Province
From left (center) to right
Jiang Zhi Tao (John)
Vice – Secretary of The Party
Mengjin County, Henan Province
Wang Chao Yang (Jack)
Secretary of The Party Chang Dai Village Mengjin County
Henan Province
Xing Ming Gang (Carl)
Director Mengjin County
Henan Province


EXPO Central China – Nanchang this year

Michael Zhu (Owner of the HengDa Company – Nanchang) and Jim

HengDa, the largest metal spray business in China and manufacturer of very high quality welding wire.

Jim with good friend Professor Hu at JiangXi Normal University – School of Psychology and other friends (Nanchang)

Dinner with friends in Nanchang


World EXPO with good friend Hui Ling

Lunch with good friend David Xu in Xin Tian Di – shopping and restaurant district

Pu Dong district – Shanghai World Financial Tower, Jin Mao Tower, Tower of Peals (TV station and observation tower), Pu Dong People’s Park, and Oriental Pearl Hotel

Shanghai World Financial Tower and Jin Mao Tower

Looking up the atrium in Jin Mao hotel tower

Restaurant on top on Jin Mao tower

Jingmen City - Hubei Province

High Speed Train to Wuhan, then took car to Jingmen City

Good friend Tony Tong and daughter Lisa and Jim

Tony and his wife Lily

Nice Jingmen tree-lined streets

Jim in Lily, Lisa, and Tony's home

Jingmen farmer’s market

Good friend Ring’s birthday

Ring's baby Jamie


Jim and good friend Owen Hu at a temple in Jingmen

Historic spots, parks, and temples around Jingmen

Jingmen Olympic size pool

Jingmen sport stadium